Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Training Day Tomorrow

Just 2 weeks left before the half marathon. I can't believe it's already here! Tomorrow is the "practice race" where we will do our training walk on the course and do the whole thing. So think of me tomorrow at 8am walking 13.1 miles. I guess this is fairly common when you're training for races like this -- to actually do the race before the official race -- but it seems a bit anti-climatic to me. What's the big deal on the official race day to cross the finish line when I just did it 2 weeks before? Oh well, it's all in the name of being healthy, right? So I'll have a carb-heavy dinner tonight and a protein-heavy breakfast tomorrow morning. Lots and lots of water along the way. Then a balance carb-protein lunch after the practice race. One thing I REALLY struggle with before early morning races or long training days is breakfast. My pouch does not like solid food before lunchtime and if I try to eat something solid for breakfast it gets stuck and I end up puking it up and feeling terrible for the rest of the day. (Remember the Crim race and how I dry heaved before the race?) I have been trying to come up with an eating plan that'll work. I have to eat about every 2.5 to 3 hours or else I tend to crash, so I have to plan something mid-race since I'll be on the road for about 4 hours. Tomorrow is going to be my chance to experiment with what will work again in 2 weeks - it'll be tough, but here's what I have planned: 6:00 am -- protein ice cream on the drive to meet my group (I always start my day with this) 7:45 am -- high-protein yogurt w/ granola (while driving to the race start site) 10:00 am -- protein bar (during the race while walking) 12:30 am -- post-race ... will pack turkey deli meat slices, grapes and cheesestick for drive home I'll let you know how the eating plan goes. The walking part I'm not too worried about. I'm definitely ready for that part of the day although I know I'll be sore tomorrow evening and most of Sunday. Eating, I'm worried about. ~Pam

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