Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bad Food Day

Dang it! My will was weak today. In fact, my will has been weak too often in the past couple weeks. Here's the deal... Today I had cookies. Yes, plural. Three chocolate chip cookies. Also grabbed a caramel from the candy dish on a co-worker's desk. Then for dinner I stopped at Wendy's for a chili, somehow my mouth also ordered french fries. And since I ate the fries (about half an order) my pouch doesn't feel good anymore and I'm not eating the chili. What is my problem!? I've just come off a weekend of not logging my food, eating stuff not necessarily on my eating plan.. but not too far off base. I've been on the run for 3 days straight and just been grabbing as I was out and about. On top of that I've been struggling with drinking enough water lately. Which is probably resulting in some water retention. I know this because the scale isn't moving again. So here I am... confessing to ya'll. Being accountable for my bad behavior and committing to get my butt back on track with no excuses. No more being bad. No more letting my weak will have the control. I am stronger than myself. ~Pam

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  1. I have talked to so many people, both those who have had WLS of some sort, and "civilians" and I am convinced, more than ever, that the change of the seasons (in terms of weather AND the move from "summer mode" to "back to normal routine mode") has something to do with this. Everyone I've spoken too has been having an "oops" or tough time. Ah well, let's hope act-getting-together will soon be an Olympic sport, since it involves some Herculean effort!


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