Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 Months Out Today

I can hardly believe it has been 10 months since my surgery.  One side of me thinks it has only been a short time but the other side of me thinks that I've been living like this all my life.  The whole process of fighting my way through the second set of 12 months of dieting is still pretty fresh in my mind - like it just happened a minute ago.  But when I try to remember how I ate or lived before surgery, it seems so foreign to me and I can't remember the details of my life before surgery.  It's so strange.
So I've lost 102 pounds.  Kinda.  Right now the scale is bouncing back and forth between 199 and 197.  I haven't taken my measurements in months and need to do that just for the records.  I also haven't taken any full-body pictures lately and need to do that too (maybe tomorrow).  
So how am I feeling?  
Good.  Very good, in fact.  Eating is fine and I've adapted to the quirks of my pouch (mostly).  My workouts are going well and I feel like I'm very close to being ready for that half-marathon in 3 weeks.  
Are there any problems?
Yes, a couple.  The big issue I need to get a handle on right now is discipline.  I won't say willpower because I've come to believe there's no such thing.  Here are a few things I need to work on:
  • Be more faithful with using FitDay and logging my food intake.
  • Be more faithful to my eating/snacking schedule.  No unscheduled snacks!
  • Keep calories in check (which should fall into place with the above two items).
There's one more thing that's been bugging me lately.  I'm tired.  I'm getting plenty of sleep, so I don't think that's the problem.  But I'm also VERY busy lately, so I'm wondering if I'm just overworking myself.  Lots of stuff going on at work (lots of brain work) and lots of training going on getting ready for the big race.  
But these things are not anything new ... so why am I so tired and worn out lately?  Just in the past few weeks.  So in the past few days I've been wondering if I need to have a round of bloodwork done to check my vitamin levels.  Just in case.  I'm not scheduled to have my labs drawn until the first week of December and when I had them done last (in May) everything was fine. 
I've decided to really pay close attention to everything this week.  My sleep pattern, my work pattern, my eating and exercise, etc.... just look at everything I'm doing.  If I still think it's a bloodwork issue then I'll call the doctor and get a round of labwork ordered.  We'll see...
So that's about it for my 10 month update.  Feeling good overall.  I'm happy and healthy.  Still have a ways to go before I get to a goal weight.  But I'm well on my way and know what I need to do to get there.  


  1. Mazel Tov !!
    Sounds great... Keep it up...

  2. Pam, I am sure, if I am the first, I won't be the last to say "Hey, I could have written that post!" While I'm almost twice as far out as you (16 months) some of the issues you're asking yourself to face (Be more faithful with: logging food intake, eating/snacking schedule, keeping calories in check, keeping to my exercise schedule) sound like the same things I had to face about 1 year out and am still working on hard today...perhaps these are the major challenges anyone who is concerned with their physical well-being (except for those "fortunate few" who don't need to) have to face on a daily basis, meaning, hey! we;re "normal"! :-)
    You also state "I'm tired"...I've had that off and on - in part I think that it has to do with our bodies readjusting to all that we demand of it now that we know we can. I know I'm doing things I should have done 20, 30 (I'm stopping there) years ago, but want to do NOW because I can, to some degree, and never could before.

    Could be the absorption of minerals/vitamins, could be the change of seasons, you're doing the right and smart thing by tracking all the elements that could be a factor. The key thing, as you know, is that you WANT to do this, and so, I'm sure, you will have this settled in no time.

    Thanks for continuing to share and being such a source of inspiration...a large virtual hug being sent your way!



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