Monday, August 04, 2008

The Letter Q

If this post confuses you.. just move on. If you're laughing your butt off because of this post, you know it's for you. Origin of the Letter Q

The Roman letter 'Q' started its life as the Phoenician letter 'Qoph', the same Arabic letter 'Qaph', a word meaning the back of the head where it is connected to the neck, and represented by a simplified shape of a head and neck. Q ("kyoo") is the 17th letter and 13th consonant of the alphabet. Despite its position of honor on the QWERTY keyboard, Q is the one of the three least-used letters in the English language (explaining its value of 10 points in SCRABBLE). In the grammar of English and most Romance languages, the rule is that Q is immediately followed by a U, and is pronounced as /kw/. The letter Q is both historically and phonetically linked to the letter K. It had achieved its present graphical form by the mid-Latin period.

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