Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Women's Gym Shorts & Ugly Thighs

Remember that Nair commercial with the song "I wear short shorts." That must be the new theme at the athletic clothing designer companies because if you've been shopping for gym shorts lately, that are REALLY short. Like.... bend-over-and-show-your-cheeks kind of short. And I won't even get into the peeve about women's shorts not having pockets. How annoying!

And after you lost 94 pounds your thighs aren't very pretty. Mine are definitely saggy and flabby with all the weight loss... so I'm not thrilled to be showing them off to the world when I workout.

So I bought men's shorts instead. I guess men don't want to show off their rear-ends, huh? They also must have stuff to carry around with them because they all come with pockets.

So the good news is that those men's athletic shorts I bought today. Size LARGE. Wow!

Ok, vent over.



  1. ok i have to go hunting for mens athletic shorts. i HATE my saggy elephant skin thighs. They sway and swish when i walk. So maybe I need to get these

  2. Great Idea on the mens shorts thing.. I went shopping over the weekend to try and find some running short and I found nothing because of just the reason you speak of they were all too short. I never thought of looking on the mens dept. I will do that today as I have another 5k to run tomorrow. Take care, MEchele


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