Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What's on my Grocery List?

Salad fixings (There's always a big bowl of greens in the fridge for a quick salad) 
- mixed greens 
- matchstick carrots 
- baby portabella mushrooms/sliced 
- grape or cherry tomatoes 
- sunflower seeds 
- Kraft light zesty italian dressing 

Tortilla Pizza Fixings (I have a basket in my fridge with all this stuff in it, so it's easy to pull out and fix a pizza) 
- mini Flat Out wraps 
- pizza sauce in a jar 
- turkey pepperoni 
- use the mushrooms and tomatoes from above 
- mozzerella cheese - pineapple chunks (sometimes) 

Chicken Zucchini Casserole Fixings (I usually make this casserole once a week and eat it for lunch everyday) 
- frozen chicken tenders 
- cheapo italian dressing (for the marinade) 
- sliced mushrooms 
- baby zucchini 
- onions, garlic, seasoning 
- TGIFridays frozen artichoke spinach dip 
- Cheddar cheese 

Snacks, Mini Meals or Lazy Day Meals 
- Synders Soy Chips (or Trader Joe's Soy Crisps if I happen to get over there) 
- dill pickles 
- deli sliced turkey, chicken, beef or ham 
- SF Popsicles 
- 100 calorie bag popcorn and flavored seasoning salts 
- fresh fruit (apples, bananas, etc) 
- frozen fruit (for protein smoothies) 
- Wasa Crackers (for chicken or tuna salad) 
- Vanilla Bean Roasted Almonds (eat these sparingly) 
- Dry roasted edamame 
- frozen edamame beans 
- milk 
- South Beach Diet frozen dinners 
- baked tortilla scoops (fill w/ taco seasoned beef and top w/ cheddar cheese, microwave) 
- Sargento mozz cheese sticks (I hate every other brand) 
- Carb Master Yogurt (Kroger brand, 12g protein, 3g carbs) 
- Kashi Go Lean Crunch granola -- to top my yogurt with 

Protein Supplements
- Body Fortress Chocolate and Vanilla Protein Powder (from Wal-Mart)
- South Beach Protein Bars (chocolate, peanut butter or maple nut)
- Zone Perfect Snack Size protein bars

Just thought I'd share some of my shopping items. 

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