Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Weekends are Tough

So it's the middle of the week right now... but I am still dwelling on this past weekend and how bad of a job I did with my eating plan. This coming weekend is already jam packed with activities - makes me wonder how well (or how bad) I'll do with eating again this weekend.

Here's my problem: When I'm not on a specific schedule like I am during the week at work, I tend to just throw time out the window and eat whenever I feel like it. Which then turns out to be eating too often or not often enough. And then when I do eat, it's often not real meals but rather little snacks to hold me over for a couple hours until I snack again.

And when I say "snack" - I don't mean bad snacks. I don't really keep bad stuff in the house, so they aren't a temptation. But you can snack all day on healthy stuff and still end up in the "bad" column at the end of the day. Eating fruit all day won't get your protein requirements in. Or eating soy chips for lunch isn't a good choice when it comes to dense protein choices.

So I need to fix what's wrong. I need to establish some harsh rules for myself and stick to the schedule I've set for weekdays. No excuses. No whining. I'm going to work hard this weekend - even through the busyness - to stick to my eating plan and stop the unplanned snacking and skipping meals. The habits I establish NOW will be habits I carry with me the rest of my life -- and I want them to be good habits.


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