Sunday, February 10, 2008

I hate my car .... update on my weekend.

Wow! I survived last week. The event went off smoothly and perfectly. But boy was I exhausted afterward. I took Friday off work to recuperate. I was so sore and achy all day and even took a long nap mid-afternoon. I had a really hard time eating on Friday. I only hit around 400 calories and about 43g of protein. Everything I ate just filled me up immediately with just 1 or 2 bites. My pouch just didn't want to work on Friday either. Saturday was much better. In fact, my body must have known I was way short on protein on Friday because I craved protein all day Saturday. I ended the day with 94g of protein and around 900 calories. I did more grazing that I would have liked, but at least I was grazing on protein stuff. But I wasn't as sore and exhausted and had a great day of relaxation. Saturday night my parents came over to play DDR. They brought one of their dance mats and tried to teach me how to use the game better. I figured out how to take it off "expert" mode and put it down to beginner. Whew! I was finally able to keep up with the music. LOL! Today, Sunday, was also a relaxing day. I lazed around and did a bit of housework and cooking - it was nice. Then around 4:00 I decided to run out for some errands and catch a movie. Only to be faced with a car that didn't want to start. UGH! I so hate my care right now! My best guess is that it's a frozen fuel line again. It's about 8-degrees outside right now and I left my gas tank and just below a half tank. Bad Pam! I should have known! So I've dumped in a couple bottles of dry-gas and I'm going out and trying to start it every hour. So far, no luck. I'm getting the feeling that I am not going to get it started in time for work tomorrow. I hate that! wish me luck... ~Pam

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  1. I think I am the same way sometimes, my body just craves protein, then I have days where I am just craving carbs.


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