Sunday, February 17, 2008

Behavior Modification

In my group therapy session (Comprehensive Holistic Wellness Plan) we are working on behavior modification. We were told to pick 5 different target behaviors we wanted to work on, then set goals each week for achieving those goal behaviors. The therapist actually asked us to buy a 2' x 4' dry erase board and hang it in a place we'd see everyday and write out goals and tracking on it. I personally didn't want a HUGE white board hanging in my living space and have it out for everyone to see when I have visitors. "Yes, this is my psychological behavior modification chart, see here where I failed last week on this and that...." yeah right. So I actually produced a chart on the computer and printed it on 8.5" x 14" paper (legal size paper). It is hanging on my fridge door - which is the most prominent place for me since it's where I start and end my day. No, not eating, but it's right next to where I store my vitamins and supplements, so I stand in that location at least twice a day and can update my chart easily. And it's not a huge white board that's permanently mounted on the wall. LOL Here's the behavior modification goals I picked for myself (I picked 6): Proper Eating --- hit protein & water goal and avoid grazing. Must do 6 days/week. Exercise -- do 30 minutes of exercise. Must do 5 days/week. Calcium Intake -- hit my 2000mg calcium intake goal every day of the week. Housework -- do 15 minutes of housework. Must do 5 days/week. Morning Alarm -- I will get up on workdays when my alarm goes off. No snooze. 5 days/week. Procrastination Elimination -- pick 3 tasks that I've been putting off and get them done. 3 tasks/week So at the end of each week we are to tally up the results and determine if we hit goal or not. Then if we DO hit goal, we get a reward. If we DO NOT hit goal, we get a punishment. The rewards and punishments are actually determined on our own. I get to pick my own reward and also my own punishment. So last week was a week from hell with the big event at work and the monstrous snow storm that just ruined my whole week. I failed on every single goal. But I gave myself a break and didn't issue any punishments. This week I'm doing much better. I will hit my goals for Eating, Calcium, Procrastination .... but I've already failed on Morning Alarm, Exercise and Housework. Morning Alarm - my punishment for failing on this was to get up with my alarm at my normal workday time on Saturday. Yuck! But I dragged my butt outta bed and started my day super early. Exercise -- I only did 4 days this week instead of my goal of 5. So my punishment will be 30 minutes of housework. Housework -- can you tell I hate housework? I only did 4 days of housework this week instead of my goal of 5. So my punishment will be 30 minutes of cleaning and decluttering my storage room (which is a total disaster!). As for rewards for the behaviors that I did achieve. I'm not sure yet. The therapist says we need to do immediate rewarding and punishing. So I need to figure out my rewards and award them by tomorrow. (My week runs from Monday through Sunday so my next week begins tomorrow.) I'll keep ya'll posted on how this goes. I find that it's definitely helping me be more conscious of my daily actions. ~Pam

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