Monday, July 16, 2007

WLS Lifestyles Magazine

I recently signed up for a subscription to WLS Lifestyles magazine. I received my first edition early last week and have been working my way through the articles for the past several days. A year or so ago I ordered a stack of back-issues so this isn’t my first experience with the publication. I love this magazine! The ads are minimal and the stories are outstanding. Every article is outstanding – yes every single one! The writers take the time to dig deep into the subject matter and cover the materials in detail. It’s not unusual for each story to be 3 or 4 pages long. And many of the writers have has weight loss surgery themselves so they have the right perspective to be educating the reader. There are stories for the newly post-op folks as well as those who are several years beyond surgery. The whole premise of the magazine is to teach you how to have a "lifestlye" that works with your weight loss surgery. I ordered a 2 year subscription for $42 (because I know myself and I'd neglect to renew after just 1 year LOL). And even after just my first issue, it was well worth the price. Talk to you soon, Pam

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