Monday, October 16, 2006

Playing the Waiting Game ...

I've never been a patient person and having to wait for other people to deal with paperwork and such is driving me nuts!

I called my surgeon's office late last week to find out the progress. I have all my requirements met and they are in my file, but the insurance expert folks at the surgeon's office have to review the file and prepare the paperwork to be sent to BCBS. The receptionist confirmed that they indeed had all my paperwork. She said: "We have 3 staffers to review over 1000 files, hopefully they'll get to your's by the first of the week." Ok, so it's Monday today which is officially the first of the week. But I think I'll wait until Wednesday to call them again to find out where I am in line.

So until then I get to practice my patience skills. Ha!

Talk to you soon,

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