Monday, April 13, 2009

Protein -- Do some research

I want to share some online resources with you regarding protein, protein supplements and why protein is so important to our bodies after WLS. Nearly all the knowlege I've amassed about protein (and everything else related to WLS) has been found on the Internet, in medical journals, through books at the library and in talking to other patients.

I've often said that I have done more research and study about biology, anatomy and nutrition since I had WLS than I ever have in all my years in high school or college. And as you all know... once I do the research I like to put it up here on my blog so I have it all in one central location that I can refer back to often.

For those who are not familiar with -- it is a website where you can organize and share your internet bookmarks and access them from any computer (not just a favorites list on your home computer). I have an account and my bookmarks are open for anyone to see. I have a ton. Way too many. And they need to be organized. But there's still a lot of information if you want to sift through my mess. LOL! There's a link in the right navigation bar to access my account and all the categories I have created.

Here's the direct link for my protein bookmarks.

Some specific resources about protein that I have found helpful:

I may add to this list over time... but for now, these are good places to start your own research.



  1. Most of these links are no longer working

    1. Anna - this post was published in 2009, so it's understandable that many of the links are no longer working. However, it'll give you a basis to begin your research.


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