Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Trip to Trader Joe's

The ladies over at OH are always bragging about how wonderful Trader Joe's grocery store is and listing all the great things they bought. Lots of healthy, organic type foods that you can't really find anywhere else. I don't have a TJ close to me ... so I decided to make a trip into Rochester Hills after work last night and check it out. Wow! What an awesome store! It was smaller than I expected, but it was jam packed with so many great things. Here's a run down of some of the things I got: - Soy Chips (all 3 flavors) - Soy & flax seed tortilla chips - Fresh salsa - Black Bean Dip (to make some of the quesadillas they had samples of) - sugar snap peas - dried or freeze dried or something - for salad topping or whatever - Fiber apple cranberry muffins (Umm.... these taste like I'm eating a twig LOL!) - mini mozzerella balls & grape tomatoes (I'll make a salad later with italian dressing and basil) - crab stuffed flounder - stuff salmon (3 different kinds) - spinach & artichoke dip so I can make Eggface's casserole recipe - Fage yogurt - Tomato Basil Bisque - chicken sausages (roasted garlic one and mango one) - olive oil - and more stuff I can't remember right now.... I checked out the b12 sublinguals, but I'd just bought 4 bottles a couple weeks ago on sale, so I skipped it this time I have a feeling this is a place I'll be making a detour to more often. Lots of great products that I've never seen anywhere else before. ~Pam

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