WLS Support Group Topics

As the leader for a peer-based WLS Support Group in my hometown, I have the privilege of bring various topics of discussion to our members each month.  Below is a list of past topics (some with downloadable handouts or blog posts about the topic).  You'll also find topic ideas on my to-do list and some of the non-meeting activities we have done together.

I attend 3 support group meetings each month. They are all different, but all very important to the success of my WLS journey. (A description of the 3 meetings and how they are different.)

If you are a WLS Support Group Leader - please feel free to use these ideas for your own meeting. You are free to use my handouts as long as you leave my name intact as author. If you use a topic idea or handout, please send an email and let me know how the discussion goes with your members. If you are a member of my support group and notice I've missed a topic from the past, holler at me and I'll get it added (you know I have a bad memory).

Construction Note:  I am still gathering various materials and converting them to downloadable files. As I finish files I'll link them to these topics. But in the meantime, I want to get this list up and available for those seeking meeting ideas. Keep an eye on this page - updates are coming!

Past WLS Support Group Meeting Topics

Upcoming WLS Support Group Meeting Topics

Fun WLS Support Group Activities - either at a meeting or in addition to monthly meetings
  • Goodwill Shopping Field Trip
  • Pool Party instead of formal discussion and typical meeting
  • Invited professional/medical speaker - plastic surgeon
  • Series of 5k races together
  • Christmas Party - gift exchange and potluck
  • Protein Ice Cream Social - making homemade ice cream together
  • Protein shake taste testing
  • Clothing Exchange
  • Before and After (during) Photo Scrapbook Album

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