Monday, October 07, 2013

The Book: Journey to a Healthier Me

For many of you, this might be old news. But I wanted to include a new blog post about my book so new readers can easily find it. 

It only took me three years of writing and editing and fussing and rewriting... but I achieved a dream the day my book was finally published. Many of the chapters in the book are based on posts here from my blog. I'm approaching the six-year post-op milestone in my life and I'm so proud of all I've accomplished since my weight loss surgery. This book was a huge one on the list. 

Buy Journey to a Healthier Me on Amazon, or in some local bookstores. 

Table of Contents:
  1. The story of Pam's journey
  2. Is Surgery Right for You?
  3. Preparing for Surgery
  4. Life after surgery
  5. Your Altered Body
  6. The Rules have a Reason
  7. Nutritional Needs - Macronutrients
  8. Nutritional Needs - Micronutrients
  9. Changing your mind
  10. Goals & Triumphs
  11. When things get hard
  12. Reference and Resources 

Thank you to those who have already bought a copy of my book. If you've read it, please go to Amazon and leave a comment or review. Amazon gives higher search result ranking to books with more reviews, so please help others find this resource too. 

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