Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nik's Protein Banana Bon Bons

Nikki over at Bariatric Foodie has issued a challenge to make her Banana Bon Bons and share the photos of our creation. So I'm here to oblige. And what a YUMMY challenge this turned out to be too!

Nikki's Protein Banana Bon Bon Recipe

So when I started this venture I had serious doubts because I am a true "greek yogurt hater" -- the stuff is horrible and I don't like it at all. No matter how I've tried it, it's always horrible to my palate. But this recipe seems to be the exception because the tanginess of the greek yogurt is covered nicely with chocolate.  I did alter the instructions a bit (but only because I'm lazy).

Here's my attempt at Nik's creation...


First cut bananas into chunks. Nik's recipe calls for 3 bananas, but I used 4 instead and still had a little bit of chocolate left over.  I used a wax-paper lined cookie sheet and placed my bananas in the freezer for about 1 hour before dipping them into the chocolate.


Here is where I cheated on the recipe. Instead of dipping each banana chunk individually on the end of the toothpick... the toothpicks got ditched after about 3 chunks. Then I just threw about 4 chunks of banana into the whole bowl of chocolate and covered them carefully by mixing the bananas into the chocolate with a spoon.  Then I fished out the chunks with a toothpick and placed them onto the cookie sheet.  I probably ended up with extra thick coating by doing it this way, but I'm just not patient enough to do tedious cooking tasks and this method worked for me.


Here's the frozen creation! As Dee mentioned in her critique, they certainly are hard on the teeth straight out of the freezer.  But after a photoshoot and allowing the frozen bon bons to sit out on the counter for a few minutes, they weren't at hard and much easier to bite into.  The extra work of biting into frozen bananas is worth it though... these are super delicious!


And of course I needed to cut one in half so you can see the guts of the bon bon. Notice I used fairly fresh bananas ... in fact, these bananas were probably too green and I should have waited a couple days to make the bon bons so they'd be more ripe.  But I couldn't wait to try this recipe.  (Notice there's only 2 left on the plate in this shot?)

Verdict:  Try these. They are delicious!

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